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Olive Oil process

To obtain this olive juice, once the olives have reached their peak of ripeness, the olive growers collect only directly from the olive tree. Every evening during the harvest, the fruits are transported to the mill where all of them are analyzed. One of the secrets of the quality of extra virgin olive oil is the olives that are collected during the day are crushed the same day. The fruits should maintain its freshness, health status and level of optimal ripeness.

The maximum time after the collection for making extra virgin olive oil is 24 hours. The oil processing systems are constantly changing and Cooperative of Cambrils opted for systems that prioritize quality and environmental friendliness.

During the milling process mechanical procedures and temperature control are used. The result of it is a product with all the nutritional and organoleptic properties. Subsequently stored in controlled conditions to preserve their best qualities.

The mill of the Cooperative Cambrils has modern facilities and great operational capability that ensures the optimization of the process of milling. In 2006, AEMO (Spanish Association of Municipalities olive growers) granted our installation award for the best mill in Spain and in 2012 the mill obtained the ISO9001 quality certification.


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