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Fruit and Vegetables

The fruit and vegetable section makes fruit and vegetable from the producers who come daily to the Agricultural Cooperative. The mild climate of our area opens the range of products and harvesting time, both summer and winter. Currently, more than 5,000 tons are transformed into other fruits and vegetables.Our technical department advises farmers and plantations being coordinated with respect with the environment and people.

In 2006 the Cooperative was certified for quality products with Globalgap, a product quality certification recognized internationally.


May to September Season
Summer Fruit: Red peaches, plums and nectarines
Summer Vegetables: potatoes, watermelon, green beans, green pepper, tomato.

November to March Season
Winter Fruit: Oranges and Mandarins.
Winter vegetables: lettuce, cabbage-and-flower, spring onions, artichokes, romanesco, salad, fennel, pumpkin.



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