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The Cooperative nowadays

The new facilities located in the area called "Revellà " in Cambrils, occupy 12,000 m2, and provides of technology for the production, classification and distribution of a wide variety of agricultural products of the different sections as well as commercial areas for direct sales.

The Cooperative has the human and technical resources necessaries to take full control of the agricultural production, as land preparation and planting, checking the products in its growth phase, harvesting, sorting and trading.

Among all the products marketed under the brand Mestral, the Cooperative highlight annual productions; the most significant are:

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 900,000 liters
- Peaches and Nectarines: 3,000,000 kg
- Citrus: 1,500,000 kg
- Carob: 500,000 kg
- Potatoes: 500,000 kg
- Tomato: 400,000 kg
- Lettuce and endive: 1,200,000 units
- Calçot PDO Valls: 1,500,000 units
- Coliflower and Romanesco: 600,000 units
- Artichoke: 200,000 kg
- Nuts: 150,000 kg


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