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The first reference we have of the cooperative movement in Cambrils date in 1902 with the founding of the Agricultural Union and Rural Savings Bank. At this first stage, the main activity was to provide services to members and concentrate the offer of the production. A destacable fact was that this movement was performed both landowners and the smaller owners, and this has become a great stability in the years.

During the first years the main product was the grapes for wine. Consequently in 1915 the winery project was started, designed by architect Bernardi Martorell (1877 - 1937), a disciple of Antoni Gaudí. In 1921 the building was opened for the crop season and the total of grapes harvested was of 596,044 kg. Today the winery is declared cultural heritage by authorities as modernist building and it is the permanent site of Agricultural Museum.

The oil mill began operations in 1940, with the first harvest of 87,494 kg of Arbequina olives. Before this date the cooperative act as broker selling the fresh olives to private mills. This crop has had a huge growth and the Cooperative has invested for a continuous improvement of technology facilities and quality system obtaining at 2012 the ISO 9001 standard. Today production reached 4,000 tons of olives and about 900,000 liters of extra virgin olive oil.

Creating the horticulture section of in 1969 gave impetus to the food business and economic movement due to the high volume of sales of fruits and vegetables of the members. Through more than forty years of this section has diversified its product range standing as peaches, citrus and vegetables. The annual volume of activity is around 5,000 tons. With the opening of the new facility located on the Carretera de Montbrió Km.2, with 12,000 m2 in 2005, this commitment shows present and future.


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