Olive oil

Our extra virgin olive oil is the result of hard work and dedication of 410 producers Agricultural Cooperative Cambrils who cultivate more than 150,000 Arbequina olive trees. Since the founding of the cooperative in 1902 in the olive growing generation after generation has been a cornerstone of the institution, but a remarkable influence on the cuisine and restore of Cambrils and its surroundings.

The olives produce a product of proven quality that comes in Cambrils (lower field) near the Mediterranean Sea. The microclimate, soil, good agricultural practices and better facilities give us the opportunity to enjoy this exceptional quality olive oil.

Tasting notes: Intense fruity olive theme, with a feeling reminiscent of ripe fruit. Perceive notes of apple, ripe banana and almond notes are green leaf - herb and secondary aromas of fennel and nuts. In mouth, sweet and nutty, slightly bitter and slightly spicy. Very balanced.

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